We’re at The Operations Summit!


This week I’m taking a break from clients as I participate in this year’s “Operations Summit” in Indianapolis, IN.  I’m very passionate about this industry and it’s great to be around those who care just as much.  It’s also a great time for me to “refocus”!

After deciding to throw my hat in the ring as a consultant advisor (that other word makes me feel icky for some reason), I’ve been blessed with a steady flow of leads and new clients.  It’s actually been much more than I expected and it’s prevented me from posting as much as I would have liked.  Well, that’s getting ready to change!

Going forward, I’m going to limit my time spent working with clients, so I can make developing content a priority going forward.  So make sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on new developments.

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If you made it to Indy, shoot me an email at “anthony@risefulfillment.com”.  If you were not able to make the trip this year, stay tuned to the site as I’ll give you updates on what’s happening at the conference.

Oh, and if you are at the conference, be sure to check out the following sessions I’m participating in.

4/23 – Characteristics of Successful Startup Operations (My session)
3:40PM – 4:30PM
Ballroom 3
4/24 – Mastering Motivation: How to Create a Happy and Successful Operations Team (panel)
2:15PM – 3:05PM
Ballroom 1
4/24 – Preparing for Peak in the Warehouse (panel)
3:45PM -4:35PM
Ballroom 2

Here’s a preview of my session “Characteristics of Successful Startup Operations.  I filmed this at 3am (glassy eyes) after completing a midnight training session at one of my clients.

My wife says it’s obvious that I’m very “sleepy”, and if not, you’ll just think I’m high. I guess I should think that’s funny?

If you were not able to make it to the OPS Summit, just stay tuned to the site. I plan on recording (audio) my session and using it as the next podcast. You’ll have the powerpoint and audio posted here within the next few days.

So stay tuned and follow me on twitter for the latest @risefulfillment


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We’re at The Operations Summit!
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