RF 002 : Release Your Seasonal Employees and Have Them Love It!



Cyber Monday is behind us, but peak season is far from over.  Here’s how to release your seasonal employees and have them love it!


Additional Capacity

  • Specialize orders (single vs. multi orders)
  • Add associates to do easy task, break down process (be aware of quality)
  • Additional hours of the day you are not working
  • Extending shifts
  • More people – Inbound to Outbound, other staffing agency
  • IT, Facilities working in the areas

Ending Seasonal Employee Assignment

  • Should be a great experience for you and the employee.
  • Communicate the tentative end date throughout the interview and orientation process.
  • Evaluate employees performance daily.
  • Know staffing needs in January
  • Communicate early when last day will be
  •  Balance releases with order demand/need for hours
  • Feedback and exit interview – Keep employee contact information for when hiring resumes in 2014.






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