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Cyber Monday: 5 Things To Remember

Today is Cyber Monday! You’ve been hiring seasonal employees for the past couple of weeks, and it seems everything is going according to plan, well almost. Here are five things that are quickly forgotten but will pay huge dividends as December comes to an end:

How Amazon’s move to $15 was never meant to be perfect

Amazon is taking another look at their compensation plan after announcing a company minimum wage increase to $15hr. By the sound of Dave Clark’s twitter, FC Associates were thrilled, but long-term employees felt left behind.

I do not work in a warehouse

How many times have you heard your place of work referred to as “the warehouse”? Nothing against warehouses, distribution centers, but an order fulfillment operation is not the same thing.

The Sticky-Note Meeting Agenda

Are your meetings productive?  Does everyone contribute?  If not, bring a stack of sticky notes to your next gathering.

Five Reasons To Build Your WMS In House

I use the term WMS (Warehouse Management System) in the title, but I’ll use FMS (Fulfillment Management System) going forward.  WMS is a common industry term and why it’s used in the title of this post.  Direct To Consumer order fulfillment is very different than a “warehouse” and has its

Now Developing Your Fulfillment Service

Awesome! We’ll be in contact with you within the hour. You’re minutes away from advanced order fulfillment services to your customers. Can’t wait? Give us a call – 859-582-9196